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Preschool Class (3-4)

By age three, your child is beginning to show more social behavior.  They have the capacity to play with other children; not just next to other children (parallel play), which is developmentally characteristic of children under age three.  Early educational experiences influence your child’s long term attitudes towards learning.  This age curriculum is appropriately designed to teach your children how to learn, as well as, develop a love of learning that will jump start your child’s academic future.  Children are encouraged to think, ask questions, problem solve, share their ideas in a safe and stimulating environment.  Children are developing the capacity to care, to use materials, to explore their world; to use and build their language skills.  Children are getting ready for Pre Kindergarten.

The classroom center design entices young minds to explore their world, make connections, express themselves and participate in meaningful and lasting learning experiences.  Your child will experience the benefits of an on going creative process which will empower them to make choices, regulate their own behavior, contribute and learn based on individual strengths.  Your child will graduate enriched academically and socially.  You will most likely see an improved self concept; greater self control; improved interactions with others; stronger conflict resolution as well as coping skills; and the curious, flexible, focused and persistent approach to learning.
In this single play activity, the child negotiated her needs getting the materials she wanted to use; worked on her fine motor skills tying knots in the scarves; worked on hand and eye coordination, verbal and socialization skills as she interacted and communicated with others; mathematical skills to count materials and determine how many items were needed for each play participant.
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