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Toddler Highlights

Cozy places to enjoy a book are always available.

18 Months - Two Year Old Program:

The curriculum for our young toddlers and two year old children focuses on the natural curiosity and energy of children.  Children are introduced to activities that assist with their development and individual exploration is encouraged.  Children work on self help skills like getting their own lunch box, washing their hands, pouring their own water, putting on their shoes, getting dressed by themselves. Children are encouraged to participate to the level they are capable.  Every attempt is applauded and encouraged; whether their attempts are at using new words, new skill or new ideas. Vocabulary is built at a rapid rate as children are given the words to use if they do not have the words themselves.  This is the age where they begin to use words to resolve conflicts rather than hitting, kicking or biting. 

This safe environment perpetuates itself and your child will develop the propensity toward taking new risks and trying new things.  Taking risks is necessary in order to make strides in personal growth and development.  The positive experience provides the foundation for your child’s total development.  The early success your child will experience fosters the growth and development of language, independence, and caring behavior; setting the groundwork for future accomplishments and the next levels of development (because appropriate learning is progressive).

The Academy for Early Learning utilizes individual child assessments and developmental screening tools to develop an Individual Education Plan (IEP) targeted specifically for your child.  So no matter where your child is developmentally, we partner with you to map out a course to help them reach the next level and beyond.

The Academy for Early Learning utilizes a "wholistic" (focusing on the whole child) curriculum which fosters every dimension of your child's development.

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