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Voluntary Pre K (VPK)


The Academy offers a Pre Kindergarten curriculum that is matched by none.  The program is a hidden treasure as well as one of our greatest prides.   This is a school readiness program for four and five year old children. Our success rate is phenomenal; typically 25-30% of our program graduates have been promoted to their school gifted program by the age of seven.  Data collected at the beginning of kindergarten (2005) that children from private child care centers scored higher than those from either public Pre K or the Head Start Program (Giovanna Denveny, chair of Sarasota County School Readiness Coalition).  Accredited programs scored even higher.  A Kindergarten teacher came back to tell us that she had to put all or our graduates at one table because they were so far ahead of all the other children in the Kindergarten class.  When your child attends the Academy Pre Kindergarten program they have a significant advantage over children that did not attend our program.      

At the Academy for Early Learning we integrate pre reading, writing, math and science activities that will enable your child to make the smooth and masterful transition to kindergarten.  Your child will flourish in our innovative learning environment.  Your child will use real reference books to research things that fascinate them; write and illustrate their own stories; become archeologists, astronauts, and biologists, to name a few.

Individual assessments and readiness screeners are utilized to design a curriculum specific to your child's needs. It is our goal for every child to exceed their potential through passion, perseverance and high self esteem which is cultivated in our open ended environment which sets the children up to succeed.

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